Faith Opportunities for Children

Footsteps in Faith

Sign up your child(ren) today for our 2020-2021 Footsteps in Faith program. If needed, we have a contingency plan to continue no matter the circumstances. 




Footsteps in Faith is our Faith Formation program for children age 4-grade 5. It is comprised of three parts: Children’s Formation, Footsteps for Adults, and Family Faith.

Footsteps on campus

  • Children and parents would come to campus 1x a month for classes. Children will go directly to class and have the same seat every month (no large gathering in the PC). Parents will head to the Parish Center for their class and formation.
  • The usual second class that we would have on campus would take place in the home. The formation parents received on campus will allow them to lead the at-home lesson.
  • Parents will submit a homework sheet to Chelsea at the next class date a month later.
  • Families my switch from on campus to virtual at any point in the year.

Footsteps at home

  • Parents will attend a Zoom parent formation meeting 1x a month.
  • Parents will lead their child in two classes at home.
  • Parents will submit a homework sheet to Chelsea at their next zoom meeting a month later.

Family Faith Events

  Family Faith Events are offered throughout the year as a way to grow as a family together. They are also a part of our Footsteps in Faith program. All families are asked to attend five events by Easter Sunday.  Families are given the option to choose which events they would like to attend throughout the year based on the interest and schedule of their families. On the Footsteps calendar (linked above) there are a list of upcoming Family Faith events. Any event happening at the parish (except Sunday Mass and Holy Days) can count as a Family Faith event. 

**For the Fall, our Family Faith events are focused on liturgical events which allow us to gather in the church and participate at a safe distance. 

Need to earn credit for attending an event around the parish? Fill out your Family Faith form here. 

For full details on the Faith Formation(and Youth Ministry) plan for the year, watch the video below


Little Steps (preschool)

  We are excited to offer a new program at Our Lady of Light- Little Steps! Little Steps is available for the preschool children of our parish. Our classes that were to be held in May and June have been postponed. We will begin Little Steps in January 2021.

Questions? Contact Chelsea

To sign up your child(ren) for Little Steps, visit the Footsteps in Faith registration at the top of the screen.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

All elementary-aged children are invited to attend Children’s Liturgy of the Word which takes places during the 10:30AM Mass all year long. Teachers lead the children in song and through the scriptures to help them understand the mass readings. Kids return during the offertory to participate in the second part of mass is a family. No registration or cost is involved. This program is on pause until further notice.



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