Saturdays from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in the Parking Lot 

No confessions will be heard in the church.  As you know, venial sins need not be confessed.  A simple act of contrition remits venial sin.  If, however, you are truly in need of confession priests will be stationed in the church parking, either by the portico or near the walkway leading to the Three Oaks Elementary School’s parking lot.

Simply drive up to the priest, but do not leave your car. Confess your sins to the priest through the car window. Only one person should be in the car. If you have not committed a mortal sin, please consider refraining from going to confession, since the whole point of these precautions is to limit contact between people.   Or you may contact the office to arrange an appointment for confession. 

Please follow the current CDC guidelines, if you are sick or have compromising health issues please stay home.