First Reconciliation and Eucharist


Preparations for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist will begin in the Fall. The program is open to children in grades 2 and older who have already completed a full year of Faith Formation or Catholic School. Your child must also be enrolled and active in our 2020-2021 Footsteps in Faith program or a Catholic School. Parent participation and family activities are components as well.


To register ⇒  email Chelsea or call the Faith Formation office 267-7088 ext 245


First Reconciliation Preparation: Sophie Wonders about Reconciliation, by Debby Bradley

First Reconciliation Preparation: Part 1, First assignments & Gospel stories

First Reconciliation Preparation: Part 2, Vocabulary


First Reconciliation Preparation: Part 3, What is sin, and BULLSEYE!

First Reconciliation Preparation Video 4 – Parts of Reconciliation, Fruits and Roots, Comic Strip