Adult Faith Formation

AFF quoteWe at Our Lady of Light Catholic Community believe that all adults are called to continue their faith formation and spiritual growth.  Faith formation is ongoing from “womb to tomb” from our birth to the natural end of our lives.  Learning about our faith is not just for children!  It is for everyone! Every Catholic is invited to walk with Christ in his or her daily life, to gather faithfully together on Sunday at Mass, and to grow in wisdom and knowledge about the faith. When adults–parents–grandparents–single–old and young–adults of all cultural backgrounds–participate in faith formation, we mature together in our faith as a community and we are better equipped to help the children and youth of our community to grow in theirs. To this end, we have many opportunities available for adults in our parish community.

Sundays Salesian : This website offers reflection on the Sunday reading’s from the Salesian perspective, in the tradition of the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales & St. Jane de Chantal