Family Faith – Life of the Parish Reflection

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  • Choose any parish event except for Mass for Family Faith credits. (Exception: Easter Vigil Mass).
  • Look in the bulletin for upcoming Family Faith events.
  • Family Faith helps meet the hours required by the Diocese in addition to Footsteps in Faith.
  • You will need at least five Family Faith events by Easter of this year.
  • If your student is a writer, he or she can fill this out!

Our Family Faith program helps families explore the Four Pillars of our Faith through the life of our parish:

-Creed (We Believe)          -Sacraments (We Worship)
-Prayer (We Pray)             -Christian Living (We Live)

From the four pillars listed above, which one best fits the event you attended? Explain in 2-3 sentences.

What are three benefits of participating in this event?

Describe your experience:

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